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I've been waiting to make this post until I had pictures of most of my costumes. I still do not have photos of *all* of them, but I do have pictures of everything that was new or different this year.

Without further ado...

This was my makeup for the Zombie Walk. I actually didn't make the walk since I was at work, but we headed down and did the Zombie Bar Crawl, which was fun. I used the same prosthetics last year, but the makeup came out better this year.


Moving on to ZooBoo!

Lazy day costume of cat makeup and a grey and black striped sweater.


My favorite makeup - Dia De Los Muertos style sugar skull. Inspired by this painting. As I was doing it right before work I didn't have time to do as much detail as I would have liked, but I was pleased with it.


CHESHIRE CAT! This was one of my all new costumes this year. Jean made the hoodie, I made the skirt, ears, and feeties and dyed the tights. I love how this came out. It was cute and comfy and nice and warm for working outside all day. Plenty of people recognized what I was supposed to be, so that was a success :)


Gypsy costume, my other favorite. I simply LOVE the way all these pieces came together for this costume. The corset and shirt were cheap great finds. The skirt was pieced together, the sash thing is made and the headscarf is made. This was just a fun fun costume, I loved it!


Last but not least, my costume for my halloween party - FANG BANGER! If you've read the southern vampire mystery books or watched true blood, you get this one. If not.. well, a fang banger is basically someone who dresses up in things they think a vampire will like and hang out at vampire bars hoping to get bitten. In the books they are described as being ind of ridiculously over gothic and sexy. Basically, I just wanted to wear this dress XD I LOVE these fishnets, they are thigh highs with a built in garter belt. This was a fun costume to prance around in. Pictures are from slightly high angles, the length is actually just above the knee.


Not pictured: Cowgirl costume, which I've worn before. Gryfindor Hogwarts uniform, which I've worn before, and some halloweeny t-shirts for lazy zoo-boo days.
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